Touching Base

Where Have I been?!

Life has been super busy lately. I've turned 21, been spending WAY too much time on my wedding in October, and I feel like nothing is done, with all that in mind, I still work my 40 hours a week and balance being a good person. Maybe. KIDDING. In all seriousness I keep this blog because it… Continue reading Where Have I been?!


Where we stayed on our honeymoon

We road tripped on our honeymoon and we couldn't have been happier; here is where stayed.

Brighten your week Wednesday's

Things are weird

BYWW is weird; I'm weird, things are weird. Modern Family Larry has recently gotten me into Modern Family. BTW I identify with the homosexual southern husband; Yeehaw btw. Check it out on ABC or on HULU. Family Guy First off; come through with the Donald Trump spoof. Living. Anyways the new season started last Sunday… Continue reading Things are weird